Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Printsource New York

"Printsource New York, The Premier Market for Surface and Textile Design in the USA, holds three shows a year in New York City. As the hub for the world’s top creative talent, Printsource showcases hundreds of collections by international surface and textile design studios and agents."

IT'S SO EXCITING!! Several students from Cleveland College of Art and Design Level 6 Textiles will be attending Printsource this April. They will be taking the selected peoples work to be exhibited at the trade show. I will be submitting my Minor Project! This will be the first time CCAD has had a stand at the show so COME ON CCAD!! Lets show them what us Brit textile girls are made of!!

I wish i could attend but there is a little guy here who needs me!

My Inspiration and motivation in everything I do! My son Leon!

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