Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Textiles and Surface Design BA (hons) - Year 3

It's Final Major Project Time!!

I have to say I am very excited about this project. Here is an overview of what I will be doing for this project. Through out all of this I will be keeping my blog up to date with each step of my work. Now a little about my chosen subject.

Techno Fusion

Image taken for inspiration from Lou Mora Blog

For my major project I will be concentrating on Children’s Interiors specifically wallpapers for boys age 5-13. I have chosen the theme ‘Techno Fusion’ this is my interpretation of the Monitor Trend found in MIX Spring/Summer 2012. It looks at what technology has to offer us and how it allows us to play with our surroundings, whilst incorporating things such as 80’s rave. I will be taking the trend and adapting it to my vision of a very colourful and fun interior collection for young boys. My main inspiration in this project will be my son and my brother; I plan to get them involved in the project by asking their ideas and looking at their drawings and models of robots and other objects that could be incorporated into my theme.

I will be looking to create:

• Mood board, Colour pallet board, Market levels board, Primary Research board and Inspiration board.
• Minimum 10 x A2 Drawing sheets
• Minimum 20 x A1 Layout designs for wallpapers
• A large body of design development work
• Minimum 15 x Painted layouts for wallpaper
• Weekly Evaluations
• Project Evaluation
• CD containing all work produced in this module.

Primary Research:

• Model Making – Using recycling to make Robots and other objects that are unable to be primarily sourced.
• Baking/cooking – Making Robots and objects from food.
• Nuts & Bolts – Looking at the components that make up machines. Using them to create images.
• Usb Leads and Plugs – Drawing and making into shapes and designs.
• Cameras
• Games consoles
• Phones
• Centre for Life Museum Newcastle – Ideas, inspiration and photography
• Eureka! National Children’s Museum – Ideas, inspiration and photography

Secondary Research:

• Looking at the 1980’s
• The Jungle
• Artists, for inspiration
• Research on interactive wallpaper and technology associated

Ideas and concepts to explore:

• Interactive wallpaper - Top Secret Ideas!!


Canon Pixma Sound Sculptures

The main inspiration I have taken from these is the colour scheme, the contrast of a black background with very bright colours, similar to the ones I will be using. I also like the idea of making an object look like something else. Here it looks like splashes.

Studio Ditte
- Be sure to check out these designs they are fantastic!
Very cute children’s wallpaper design using photographs of made robots, I like this idea but I want to draw my robots using inspiration from models I make rather than photographs

Frames by Taylor & Wood - Sold by Graham & Brown
Graham & Browns interactive wallpaper. The idea of being able to write on the walls this is a good example of mass produced interactive wallpaper.

Alexander Lervik
Alexander is an architect, his Push nightclub in Gothenburg fits very well with this trend, the ideas of using coloured lights to enhance my wallpaper inspires me, his use of lighting is very effective.

This is one of my favourite wallpaper designs the RGB wallpaper reacts to different lights, it also looks very 3D, and it’s something I haven’t seen before.

This illustrator uses allot of the colours in their work that I plan on using for my project, also I like the simpleness of the designs.

Colour Pallet

Market Awareness/ Research:

I will be keeping a close eye on current trends throughout this project visiting print blogs, looking at journals and in shops.

Technical Exploration/Methology:

Design Development ideas/ explorations:
• Model Making, to make primary research to draw from, using a variety of media.
• CAD, here I will be scanning my drawings into the computer and changing colours, using CAD to produce images for wallpapers
• Screen Printing. I plan to spend more time this project developing my wallpapers in the print rooms.
• This project I will be concentrating on making sure my wallpaper layouts are as exact as possible. This will mean taking time to carefully measure each image and ensure the placement is correct, this will help with my maths and technical skills which will equip me better for the industry
• Looking at new and innovative ways to produce wallpaper designs and interactive wallpaper.


• Graham & Brown – I will be contacting Graham & Brown to ask for sponsorship by providing me with wallpaper to print on.
• To contact places who already offer interactive wallpaper to gain more research

Learning Outcomes:

• To demonstrate a good knowledge of my chosen specialist area
• Create an individual project and effectively plan and research
• Evaluate my work effectively on a weekly basis to help me to plan for the next week
• Work through any problems that may arise and find solutions
• Be open to new ideas and concepts as the project progresses
• Present work in a professional manner
• Stick to target deadlines
• Demonstrate my own career potential
• Demonstrate ability to use CAD
• Use buzz groups to help identify areas in need of improvement and areas to develop

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